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Jason Momoa Says He’s Seen Dune 3 Times Already

The early reviews coming out of Dune's Venice Film Festival Premiere have been glowing, with the word 'masterpiece' being thrown around more than once.

Zendaya Dune

A huge number of actors have zero interest in watching their movies after production wraps; once they’ve sat through the premiere, they never revisit the film ever again. That clearly doesn’t apply to Jason Momoa, who admitted that he’s already seen Denis Villenueve’s sci-fi epic Dune three times, and he’ll probably get another couple of viewings under his belt between now and the blockbuster’s October 22nd release.

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The early reviews coming out of Dune‘s Venice Film Festival Premiere have been glowing, with the word ‘masterpiece’ being thrown around more than once. However, one of the minor criticisms is that the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s source novel feels like an incomplete story. Of course, Villenueve know this fine well, and the filmmaker has been clear that he needs as many people as possible to make the trip to their local theater so his planned sequel can become a reality.

In a new interview with Collider, Momoa revealed that as well as managing to distance himself from his role as Duncan Idaho and, experience Dune from the perspective of an audience member seeing it from the outside looking in, he was also thrilled at being able to share it with his two young children, even if some of the content pushes the boundaries of the PG-13 rating to their limits.

“I 100% dove into this like I wasn’t in it. I feel like that when I went to see it. That was the third time I’d seen it. And it was so good. I was blown away. The first time I saw it, I was blown away. The second time I went and took my kids which was really, really crazy, I’d never taken them to something that adult yet. But I knew it was very important; there’s a lot of things I did for my son in the film. Like he learned Cal-i and I used that in the film. It gutted me. What happens in the film, my kids are seeing that for the first time. I’m like, ‘Oh God,’ but at the same time they wanted to go see it. It’s their favorite movie. They 100% love Dune. I’m excited to see the rest of it.”

We can only hope that the public reciprocates Momoa’s enthusiasm and propels Dune to a solid haul at the box office, because Villenueve has made his stance perfectly clear on how he feels about the HBO Max hybrid model, describing the thought of watching his latest feature at home as the equivalent of putting a speedboat in the bathtub.