Jason Reitman wants Diablo Cody to write a ‘Ghostbusters’ movie

bill murray ghostbusters

Jason Reitman outlined his hopes that his dream was for a number of different filmmakers to board the Ghostbusters franchise to craft new installments, using the presumed success of Afterlife as the jumping-off point with which to expand the universe.

After debuting to $44 million at the box office last weekend, the chances of further supernatural adventures being given the green light have increased substantially, which in turn will finally justify the existence of the Ghost Corps production company that was founded solely to focus on Ghostbusters projects.

In an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Reitman further explained his intentions for the future of the series, and it won’t come as a surprise to discover that he’s already spoken to regular collaborator Diablo Cody about getting on board.

“If you don’t think I haven’t had this conversation with her, then you don’t know our relationship well enough. Yeah, we have spoken about Ghostbusters. I’d love to see a Diablo Cody Ghostbusters movie. She’s one of the best storytellers alive, we’ve made four movies together and I’d love to make a fifth.”

Cody won an Academy Award for scripting Reitman’s Juno, and they’ve since re-teamed on Tully and Young Adult, while he was also one of the producers on Jennifer’s Body. They’ve clearly got a strong personal and professional relationship, and the notion of a talent like Cody tackling a Ghostbusters movie is nothing if not an intriguing one.

Of course, it’s all dependent on where Sony decides to head next after Afterlife rejuvenated the brand following Paul Feig’s contentious reboot.