Jason Statham May Join Fast And Furious 6 and 7

Twitch has learned that Jason Statham, the Transporter himself, is in preliminary conversations with Universal to join The Fast and Furious franchise.  Furthermore, Universal may be planning to make back-to-back sequels for Fast and Furious Six and Fast and Furious Seven.

Universal are looking for shooting to take place over the majority of 2012 in Europe. This would allow Fast and Furious Six to open on its already-scheduled release date of May 24th, 2013 and Fast and Furious Seven to either be released around Christmas or the following summer. Universal are looking at Statham to star in one or both of the films, depending on his schedule.

It would make sense having the stories set in Europe with Statham being English. Also, the after the credits scene in Fast Five depicted Eva Mendes character telling Dwayne Johnson‘s character that Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who apparently died in Fast & Furious, pulled a “job” in Germany, adding further credibility to the Europe story line.

Vin Diesel has confirmed his involvement in at least Fast and Furious 6, and has previously stated that he would only go on to do Fast Seven, if he knew where Fast Eight and Nine were headed.

This could mean a lot more Fast and Furious films over the next few years. No other cast members are signed on yet, but it has been rumoured that Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, Eva Mendes and Thom Barry will return.

Fast and Furious 6 will be directed by Justin Lin and will be in cinemas on May 24th, 2013.

What do you think about Jason Statham possibly joining the project? Would he be a good fit?