Jeff Davis announces ‘Teen Wolf’ shooting dates


Social media has been abuzz with new content regarding the upcoming Teen Wolf movie. Fans of the original show have been anxiously awaiting to see who’s coming back, when the movie will premiere, and even when shooting will begin. While the former hasn’t been announced yet, the creator of the show, Jeff Davis, did take to Instagram to drop another useful piece of information: shooting dates.

As admitted on Instagram today, yesterday his name was trending on Twitter, and his response? “Good thing I don’t have Twitter.” From funny, sad, and serious posts about specific actors potentially not returning, Twitter has seen it all. Evidently, though, the one person who hasn’t seen it is Davis himself.

The exciting part about Jeff’s admittance and this new Instagram post is that we finally have an announcement for when the Teen Wolf movie is set to start shooting. Next Month! It was a short and sweet announcement after all the juiciness that came from the cast announcements yesterday, but it’s just as exciting to have a timeline beginning. The movie is set to premiere later this year on Paramount Plus and will also set up a new series by Jeff Davis, Wolf Pack.

After yesterday’s big announcements about the Teen Wolf movie and which actors will be returning, it’s no surprise that #TeenWolfMovie has been trending on Twitter. Whether it’s about the unfair pay offered to Arden Cho, who played Kira Yukimura, or the inevitable sadness facing Dylan O’Brien fans as it continues to look like he won’t return, there’s clearly an appetite for anything even tangentially related to lycanthropy. Watch this space for further updates.