Jeff Goldblum gets misty-eyed reflecting on ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’

the lost world jurassic park
via Universal

Making a sequel to one of the greatest blockbusters of all-time is a difficult task, as anyone involved in the continuing Jurassic Park franchise can attest. Colin Trevorrow’s Dominion might be faring the worst among critics, but that didn’t stop it from taking a huge bite out of the box office, while even Steven Spielberg couldn’t recapture his own magic with The Lost World a quarter of a century ago.

The second installment in the prehistoric saga became a hot topic of conversation over the weekend, with the many weaknesses of Dominion forcing fans to take a closer look at The Lost World to see if its reputation may be better than history would suggest. One person who certainly found themselves getting caught up in the moment was Jeff Golblum, as he wistfully regaled to Variety.

“Funny you should ask — I was on the treadmill in our little upstairs gym this morning, very early before we got the kids off to school. Just so happens that The Lost World: Jurassic Park was on. I love that movie. Julianne Moore is fantastic in it and I liked how I go there to rescue her. But Vanessa Lee Chester, who plays my daughter, is fantastic. She recently, in the last few years, showed up just unexpectedly at one of our jazz gigs and I was very happy to see her. She saves my life, of course, with her gymnastic ability.”

It might not be able to hold a candle to the opener, but The Lost World is a fun ride if you don’t go in expecting anything on a par with Jurassic Park, although the intense T-Rex trailer attack undoubtedly remains one of the franchise’s best-ever set pieces.