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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Knows How He’d Play Batman In Flashpoint

Speaking with ComicBook.com, The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan said he knows how he'd play Batman in Flashpoint, were it to happen.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is already something of a DC hero thanks to his two roles in the superhero universe to date – namely, the Comedian in Watchmen and his cameo as Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (both of which were directed by Zack Snyder, might we add). But the part that fans really want him to play is Batman himself in the upcoming Flashpoint. And given that he’s only human, Morgan has revealed that he’d also love to put on the iconic bat-eared costume at some point. After all, who wouldn’t?

Last month, the actor said that portraying the Caped Crusader would be the thrill of a lifetime, and while it remains to be seen if he’ll get the chance to suit up as Batman, he already knows how he’d play the role. Speaking with ComicBook.com to promote his new film Rampage (look for it to hit theaters on April 13th), Morgan said that he’s been giving it some thought, explaining: “I think I would know how I would play Batman, I’ve put some thought into it.”

Of course, that’s hardly a confirmation that the actor will end up bringing the Dark Knight to life in the DC Extended Universe, but we remain hopeful. I mean, there’s been so much talk and excitement from the fans about the possibility of it happening that WB would have to be stupid to not go in this direction.

Then again, there was endless buzz about Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern appearing in Justice League as well and that never materialized, so who knows? Honestly, it’s impossible to say these days which route the studio’s going to head in with their cinematic universe.

All we know for sure at present is that Game Night‘s Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are set to direct Flashpoint, with Ezra Miller returning to play Barry Allen. For what it’s worth, Miller himself is on board with starring opposite Morgan, so the ball’s really in WB’s court now.

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