The Batman Star May Have Revealed The Bat Signal


It’s been a big week for The Batman. After months of gossip and second-hand reports, we finally got a peek at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit. Director Matt Reeves’ camera test didn’t reveal all, but we at least now know what the cowl and chest logo look like.

Reactions have been mixed so far. Those who’ve liked the suit (myself among them) really liked it. But there’s been unhappy Batfleck fans comparing it unfavorably with the suit from Batman V Superman and Justice League and those who’ve said it looks like they’re ripping off Daredevil.

But it seems that the Batsuit might not have been the only Batman reveal yesterday. Jeffrey Wright plays Commissioner Gordon in the movie and responded to Matt Reeves’ tweet with a blurry picture of a spotlight. While there was no explanatory text accompanying it, it’s natural to assume that this is our first look at the film’s Bat signal.

It’s difficult to glean too many details from the picture, as it is very blurry, but the fact that it’s this blurry probably means that it’s actually from the set. After all, if Wright wanted to just tweet a Bat signal, it’d be very easy to find a higher quality shot.

Rumor has it that while The Batman is set early in the hero’s crime-fighting career, it’s not a Year One story (which, let’s face it, is a bit played out). Instead, we’ll be starting the story during Batman’s second year in the cape and cowl. By this point, it’s reasonable to assume that a number of his rogues gallery will be established and that he’ll have formed an alliance with Commissioner Gordon – hence the signal.

The Batman doesn’t hit cinemas until June 25th, 2021, so a teaser trailer is a way off yet. But with the film commencing some big location shoots very soon, expect the Batmobile to be the next big reveal from the project.