Jennifer Lawrence Reportedly In Very Early Talks For Fantastic Four

Jennifer Lawrence

Is Jennifer Lawrence in talks for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four reboot? Based on the myriad of reports making the rounds online over the last couple of months, the answer is either yes, no or maybe.

There was a rumor a few weeks back that the Academy Award winner was heading to Australia to begin shooting the project, which was an instant red flag given that director Jon Watts was busy on the other side of the world with Spider-Man: No Way Home and there hasn’t been a writer announced yet, never mind the entire pre-production and casting process needing to have taken place under cover of darkness with nobody finding out. And that’s without even mentioning that the story originated in notoriously unreliable tabloid The Daily Mail.

We did hear from our own sources, though, that Lawrence was open and receptive to the idea of joining the MCU as a character other than the X-Men’s Mystique, which is just as well seeing how badly she ended up phoning it in during her last couple of appearances under the makeup, but we couldn’t get a confirmation or denial about any specifics on the role.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming, however, that The Hunger Games star has indeed entered very early talks with Marvel to play Sue Storm, despite the slew of conflicting tales circulating recently. The 30 year-old would be a solid choice for the part even if it means fans would have to accept the Emily Blunt and John Krasinski dream team remaining as wishful thinking, but we won’t be hearing any sort of concrete updates surrounding the Fantastic Four cast for a long time yet, probably not until after Watts wraps up the promotional circuit for his Spider-Man threequel in December.