Jennifer Lawrence To Reunite With Hunger Games Helmer Gary Ross For East Of Eden And Burial Rites

Jennifer Lawrence

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence is set to reunite with her Hunger Games director Gary Ross for two upcoming big-screen outings: East of Eden and Burial Rites.

First up is the duo’s take on John Steinbeck’s classic tale East of Eden. Originally adapted in 1955 in the Elia Kazan movie of the same name starring James Dean, this modern telling will see the saga of interwoven families told over the course of two films – spanning the early 20th century to World War I.

With an original script by Paul Attansio being re-tooled, Jennifer Lawrence will apparently take the role of Cathy Ames. Still in the early stages of development, producers are hoping that work on East of Eden may commence after Ross finishes up his Peter Pan prequel, Peter and the Star Catchers.

The artistic collaboration between Jennifer Lawrence and Gary Ross looks set to continue beyond East of Eden, as they are trying to put together a big-screen adaptation of Hannah Kent’s novel Burial Rites, which is one of this year’s hottest books. A period drama set amid the spectacular landscape of Iceland, Burial Rites focuses on the embattled Agnes, who is accused of murder and sentenced to execution.

It’s great to see Lawrence continuing to make smart career moves, using her fame to secure strong dramatic roles that will no doubt line her up for some awards recognition. She’s an incredibly talented actress and her re-teaming with Ross for these two projects has us very excited.

Tell us, are you looking forward to East of Eden and/or Burial Rites? Let us know in the comments below.