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Jennifer Lawrence Rumored For Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

A new rumor claims that Jennifer Lawrence is in talks for a role in the freshly rebranded Sony's Spider-Man Universe.

Jennifer Lawrence

Having taken a brief sabbatical from acting, making just two feature film appearances in the last three and a half years, Jennifer Lawrence is heading back to our screens with a trio of exciting projects that couldn’t be more different tonally.

Yesterday brought the debut of the first trailer for star-studded Netflix comedy Don’t Look Up, which sees Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as a pair of low-level astronomers trying to warn the public about a potentially cataclysmic event. Hard-hitting drama Red, White and Water is also in the can, while her biopic of legendary Hollywood agent Sue Mengers ignited an intense bidding war that looks to have been won by AppleTV+.

Despite evidently growing bored of Fox’s X-Men franchise roughly one and a half movies in but sticking around for four anyway, the Academy Award winner regularly finds herself being touted for a return to big-budget franchise fare. The latest rumor comes from Giant Freakin Robot, which claims that Lawrence is in talks for a role in the rebranded Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

There’s no word on what character she’s being eyed for, whether it’s a supporting part that leads to a solo film down the line or a full-fledged standalone like Venom, Morbius or Kraven the Hunter, so it’s all pretty vague. There’s also the fact that the actress announced last night that she’s pregnant with her first child, which hardly seems like it would line up with entering active discussions to star in an action-packed superhero movie that would involve a ton of stunts and wire work, so it’s best not to take this one at face value until some concrete details are made available.

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