Jeremy Renner Reveals His Toughest Day Of Shooting Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame Hawkeye

By now, it’s no secret that Avengers: Endgame, the finale to the MCU’s Infinity Saga was an emotional rollercoaster. The three hour epic forced audiences to watch as many of their long beloved heroes like Iron Man and Black Widow met their maker. And it looks like some of the actors had an equally hard time saying goodbye.

Ever since the Russo Brothers announced the spoiler ban for their mega blockbuster was lifted last week, cast and crew members from all across the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been projecting tons of exclusive content from the production onto social media. The latest comes courtesy of Jeremy Renner, the Hawkeye actor who posted a heartfelt still from the film onto Instagram Thursday, which you can see below:

“This was a difficult day to shoot,” Renner wrote in his caption. “But reflecting back, one of the [best] days filming with the badass scarjo.”

As you can probably tell, this picture comes from the scene in which Black Widow and Hawkeye are forced to decide who’ll sacrifice themselves in order to obtain the Soul Stone. Ever since joining the original Avengers movie, the two characters have gone hand-in-hand, so it’s not surprising to think that this Endgame sequence was emotional for both actors.

But fans did their part in trying to lift Renner’s spirit, quickly commenting with their praise for the scene. “You two did amazing in this movie,” @marvelfan_7 wrote. And @explorewithsem added, “That was a crazy amazing scene, the friendship between you two guys are really something else, #buddiesforlife.”

While Natasha Romanoff may’ve been the one to take the fall in the latest film, she’ll soon be making her return in her own Black Widow movie, which is expected to be a prequel. Renner’s future involvement with the MCU also isn’t clear, but it looks like he’ll have his own TV show on Disney Plus. Hopefully, he’ll be just as badass on the silver screen as he was in Avengers: Endgame.