J.J. Abrams Being Pushed To Direct Justice League Reboot For WB


J.J. Abrams signed an exclusive deal with Warner Media this past summer, which has led to much speculation that he could be invited to join the DCEU. The franchise is very much in need of a new architect and the signs are pointing to the Star Wars director being WB’s top pick for the gig. And one project they may put him to work on is a Justice League reboot.

The Geeks Worldwide has offered the latest update on the Abrams situation over at WB. They’ve shared that their sources are saying the studio is “pushing” the filmmaker towards taking up a DC project next and at the top of the list are a new Superman movie, Green Lantern Corps and a Justice League relaunch.

We Got This Covered was the first outlet to report that WB was planning on redoing the JLA all the way back in June, after the disaster that the 2017 team-up flick turned out to be. In September, we then told you that Abrams may be the one to direct it and now, The GWW’s latest intel seems to confirm both of our scoops.

Of course, it still remains unclear which property Abrams is most interested in tackling. CosmicBookNews, though, has claimed that whether he directs a new Supes movie or not, he’ll still oversee the search for the next Man of Steel to replace Henry Cavill. The aim is allegedly to find a younger actor who’s closer in age to Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

As for the JL reboot, we’ve heard that it would bring together the pre-existing characters from the old DCEU – so Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash – with the heroes from the new continuity – Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Supergirl. How that’ll all work remains to be seen, but we imagine we’ll get some clarity on what the future holds for the Justice League sooner rather than later, so stay tuned.