Harry Potter Fans Praise J.K. Rowling For Standing By Johnny Depp Despite Allegations

Harry Potter

A couple of years ago, when Johnny Depp‘s reputation was hanging by a thread, there were a few people who stood by him, and one of them was J.K. Rowling, who supported the casting of the actor as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

The author behind Harry Potter received a lot of heat for supporting Depp despite allegations of physical abuse from his former wife Amber Heard. But now, in the light of new evidence as part of the actor’s defamation lawsuit against the Aquaman star which has exposed her for emotionally and physically abusing him, the tables are turning and many people have rallied to support the Pirates of the Caribbean star and ask for justice.

Even when the accusations piled up, resulting in Depp losing his role in the Pirates franchise, Rowling continued to defend the actor by maintaining that she was “genuinely happy” about casting him in the new spinoff fantasy series. As such, many of her fans vocally criticized this stance, but now those same fans are praising the writer for doing the right thing.

Here’s just a selection of what people had to say about this on Twitter:

It would appear that even Disney wants to recast Depp in the Pirates saga, too. Who knows? Maybe the petition to bring him back, which soars higher every day, has managed to get their attention at last. Meanwhile, other appeals against Amber Heard are gaining momentum as well, including the one that’s asking WB to replace her in Aquaman 2 and another which looks to remove her as a spokesperson for L’Oréal due to her hypocritical behavior as a domestic violence ambassador.

At any rate, while people like J.K. Rowling do deserve an apology for getting under fire in this messy couple feud, executives and journalists in the media first need to make it up to Johnny Depp himself, whose reputation got tarnished because his court battle coincided with the #MeToo movement in Hollywood.