First Look At Jodie Foster In Elysium

Elysium. It’s the movie sci-fi fans have been waiting for since the minute the lights came up after District 9, and it’s finally on its way to theaters this summer. An image of Matt Damon in the Neill Blomkamp film has been on the internet for a while now, but today we get our first look at Jodie Foster in all her villainous glory.

These pictures aren’t too revealing, or too sinister, but I think they convey the hardlined, strict look that Foster’s character is supposed to have and as for now, I’m quite excited to see actress as a villain. She’s usually not on the negative side of things, but she’s definitely got the talent to pull it off. I also have a hunch that her character is much deeper than purely being evil.

Elysium takes place in the year 2159, when people have been split into two classes. There are the normal people who live on an overpopulated and ruined Earth, and then there is the extremely wealthy who live on a pristine man-made space station.

Secretary Delacourt (Foster) is determined to keep only the wealthy on the station through the enforcement of anti-immigration laws that preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens. Of course, people from Earth try to get in anyway they can. Max (Damon) is backed into a corner and so he agrees to take on a life-threatening mission which has the potential to not only save his life, but could also bring the people of Earth equality.

Regarded by many as one of the most brilliant minds in sci-fi after just one film, many were hoping that Blomkamp would take the helm of Star Wars: Episode VII (this writer included). It looks like his fans will just have to be content with more of his original films for now though, which doesn’t sound like all that bad of an alternative to me.

Elysium also stars Wagner Moura, Alice Braga, and Diego Luna and hits theaters August 9th. Until then there’s nothing left to do except check back for the first trailer and continue counting down the days.

What do you think of Foster’s look for Elysium? Check out the pictures below and then head to the comments section to share your thoughts.