Joe Manganiello And Riley Keough Cast In Soderbergh’s Stripper Film

Steven Soderbergh‘s next film, Magic Mike, will star Channing Tatum as a young, exotic dancer, alongside such actors as Alex Pettyfer and Matt Bomer, who play more strippers, Matthew McConaughey, who plays a club owner, and the latest additions, True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello and Riley Keough from The Runaways, who will respectively play yet another male stripper and Pettyfer’s character’s love interest.

The film is moderately autobiographical for Tatum, who was in fact a male stripper in his youth.

Manganiello has been more than naked once or twice on True Blood, so it doesn’t seem suprising at all that the man who was recently on the cover of Muscle & Fitness would play an entertainer who takes off all of his clothes. Unfortunately, whether or not he can play anything besides a monotonous werewolf obsessed with Anna Paquin will remain a mystery until Magic Mike‘s release.

I didn’t see Keough in The Runaways, but she’s certainly classicly beautiful enough to be a believable match for the typically handsome Alex Pettyfer. But this pretty blonde better watch her back, because there is a rumor that Jessica Biel might be cast in the film, stealing her spotlight.

Magic Mike almost seems like a dream film for females. It’s directed by a highly respected filmmaker, Soderbergh, and it also has an unheard of amount of man candy. This miracle movie is scheduled to release sometime in 2012.