John Boyega Endorses Fan Art That Imagines Him As DCEU’s Red Hood

Red Hood

Based on his recent comments, you get the feeling that John Boyega might be actively avoiding major franchises for a while. Now that the 28 year-old can speak freely about his time as part of Star Wars, he didn’t hold back in a widely-publicized interview, and blasted Disney for sidelining both his character and the rest of the ensemble’s more diverse cast members, with many people online speculating that the premiere date for the second season of The Mandalorian was only announced to direct the attention away from Boyega’s criticism.

Having already jumped back into sci-fi by signing on for Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone alongside Jamie Foxx, the actor clearly doesn’t have any issues with the genre, more the studio that he felt constricted working under. Next up is feature-length drama Naked Singularity and miniseries Small Axe, a co-production between the BBC and Amazon that hails from Academy Award winner Steve McQueen.

However, despite diving headfirst into challenging material now that he’s no longer an employee of the Mouse House, Boyega has still found himself being linked to another one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises after hinting that he’d love to play Red Hood in the DCEU. Fans were instantly on board with the idea, of course, and the Attack the Block star even publicly endorsed some fan art that imagines him as the character, commenting “cool art!!!” on Twitter while sharing the piece below.

With the DCEU in the midst of a creative resurgence, a talent like John Boyega would be a solid addition to their roster. Jason Todd may have been murdered by the Joker in the main timeline after his costume was glimpsed in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the impending introduction of the multiverse offers the ideal storytelling method to wipe it from continuity if that’s a direction that Warner Bros. are interested in heading in.