John Boyega Rumored To Be In Talks With Warner Bros. For DCEU Role


John Boyega has headlined one of the most underrated B-movies of the last decade in Attack the Block, lent support in the buzzy revival miniseries 24: Legacy, taken top billing in $150 million blockbuster sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, won rave reviews for a gripping performance in Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit, played one of the three leads in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and is currently receiving critical acclaim for his work in Steve McQueen’s anthology series Small Axe. All that, and the actor is still only 28 years old, with his swift ascent making him almost the definition of a rapidly rising star.

Of course, Boyega had more than a few choice words for Lucasfilm after The Rise of Skywalker brought his association with a galaxy far, far away to a close, publicly blasting the studio for sidelining his character in Episodes VIII and IX. He’s now cleared the air with Kathleen Kennedy, though, and it all seems to be water under the bridge. Or at least, we hope it is.

Though his experience may have justifiably put him off the idea of attaching himself to any more big budget properties for a while, Boyega did admit that he’d be down to play James Bond if the opportunity presented itself. It remains to be seen if that’ll happen, but the latest report from Small Screen claims that he’s in discussions with Warner Bros. for a potential role in the DCEU.

Of course, this should be taken with a large helping of salt and there’s no verification that the rumors are even close to being true, despite Boyega admitting that he’d love to play Red Hood. Fans would no doubt be down to see it, but at this stage, it feels a lot more like wishful thinking than anything substantial or with a firm basis in reality given his publicly stated desire to challenge himself as much as possible now that his Star Wars days are over.