John Boyega Teases Potential Reunion With Attack The Block Director Joe Cornish


Long before John Boyega found his name up in lights, tethered to the box office behemoth Disney calls Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the British actor had his breakout in Attack the Block, a low-key sci-fi flick brimming with personality.

Fending off an alien invasion within a South London council estate, the Joe Cornish-directed feature was as intelligent as it was entertaining, pushing and pulling at genre conventions in a manner not dissimilar to, say, Shaun of the Dead.

But even after landing roles in Legendary’s Pacific Rim sequel, not to mention his bright future in Disney’s rejuvenated Star Wars universe, Boyega is keen to tee up another collaboration with the Attack the Block helmer, revealing that the pair are currently brainstorming for a new project. Could it spell a direct sequel?

It’s hardly one to stop the presses, but news of a another collaboration between Boyega and Cornish is certainly intriguing. In the intervening years since Attack the Block, the latter has kept busy through screenwriting, penning drafts for both The Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man – granted, Cornish was more involved with the scrapped Edgar Wright version before Marvel hit the hard reset button, bringing in Peyton Reed and injecting new blood into Scott Lang’s origins story.

Couple this with the fact that reports of an American remake of Attack the Block – one which Cornish was reportedly being courted to direct – have cooled, and we wonder if this could this pave the way for the filmmaker to helm a bona fide sequel. Perhaps welcoming back Boyega in the role of Moses? Time will tell.

Source: /Film