John Boyega’s Having A Blast Trolling Star Wars Fans

Finn and Poe in Star Wars
Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, John Boyega’s character Finn finally stands up for what he believes is right. We see him evolve into a fighter and a genuine hero. And we all know he has something to say to Rey, but what that actually is shall be left to the annals of fandom theories.

While Finn might have kept silent in Star Wars, Boyega himself has been rather vocal in promoting the latest installment in the saga. Specifically, he’s stated a number of controversial things on Twitter, where he engages with his fans fairly frequently.

However, some of his posts and comments have seemingly backfired on him and riled folks into a social media storm. Of course, Twitter is notorious for its heated virtual conversations, and next to politics, the devoted fandoms of fictional franchises comprise some of the most intense online disagreements.

Boyega is playing the game though, trolling Star Wars fans when and where he pleases. And you can get a feel for what he’s doing in some of the following tweets:

However, the wisecracks haven’t all come from Boyega. A few fans have had some great comebacks to his tweets. Just take a look at this next one from @SternerMax94:

Aside from the lighthearted clowning around on social media, Boyega’s been lambasted by swarms of Star Wars fans for certain relevant content he’s posted on Twitter. For example, the actor once shared a video parodying the opening scene of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker several months prior to the film’s release, and while he stated that it was nothing more than a joke and that fans would have to be patient for the pic’s opening, some still took issue with it.

In any case, the young actor has now joined the ranks of the greatest trolls of the web. And despite any backlash he’s received, he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.