Fantastic Four
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Here’s How John Krasinski Could Look In Fantastic Four Reboot

New concept artwork of John Krasinski as the MCU's Mister Fantastic emerges online, giving us an idea of how he could look in the Fantastic Four reboot.

Although Marvel hasn’t announced any firm plans to bring the Fantastic Four over to the MCU, the franchise’s head honcho Kevin Feige has confirmed that it’s very much on the cards. Naturally, this has lead to fervent speculation about who could play each member of the comic book giant’s First Family, and one name consistently crops up for Reed Richards: John Krasinski.

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The Office actor would be a great fit for the role. Not only does he look the part, but he has action star credibility thanks to his roles in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and Amazon’s Jack Ryan, plus we know he has a desire to join the MCU, having been in the running to play the title character in Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s crazy to think he would have led the blockbuster franchise if he hadn’t lost out on the part to Chris Evans.

In any case, Krasinski’s MCU chance might not be too far away as he’s such a firm fan-favorite for the part of Mister Fantastic. Several concept designs have even imagined how the actor might look as the head of Marvel’s First Family and a new one has just found its way onto the net. This one, from artist Barrett.Digital, depicts Krasinski in a modern-style costume that fits in with the MCU’s aesthetic.

As the artist himself notes, Krasinski’s name comes up so frequently in conversations about rebooting Mister Fantastic that it would be difficult to imagine anyone else in the role. Indeed, there are rumors that Marvel has taken this on board and has identified the actor as the first choice for the part. The star’s wife, Emily Blunt, has also been linked with Reed’s on-screen partner, the Invisible Woman. Meanwhile, reports elsewhere suggest the studio has an actor in mind for the role of the Fantastic Four’s nemesis, Doctor Doom, with Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito being touted as a possible frontrunner.

Strong candidates to play the Fantastic Four in the MCU may have been identified, then, but we still have no idea when the team might make its debut in the franchise. Black Panther 2 keeps cropping up as a logical place to introduce them since Mister Fantastic has a penchant for technology and Wakanda is full of it, plus Doctor Doom could be established as a threat to the African nation’s borders. This seems like a neat way to slot them into the overarching story in an organic way, but don’t be surprised if their arrival is teased with a post-credits stinger or easter egg before then. Watch this space.

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