Johnny Cage Will Reportedly Be Used To Make Fun Of Hollywood In Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2 will be bigger, bolder and filled to the rafters with an expanded cast of fan favorite characters.

That is, at least, what the deluge of rumors currently circulating on the internet suggests, and while Warner Bros. has yet to confirm that a sequel is in the works, early box office figures for the video game adaptation indicate that a second installment is all but guaranteed. That being said, it’ll be some time before we get any official confirmation of who will be bolstering the existing ranks of Earthrealm’s finest warriors beyond a certain Hollywood heartthrob.

Towards the closing moments of his initial adventure, Cole Young is revealed to be recruiting fresh blood in the war against Outworld, with his first port of call being Tinseltown. Infamous for his quick wit and comic relief status, Johnny Cage missed the boat on this year’s reboot due to the filmmakers not wanting to detract from Kano’s similar role, though considering the latter is now deceased, there’s plenty of room for the martial arts expert to shine.

Unlike the Black Dragon leader’s penchant for potty-mouthed conversation, however, Cage will reportedly be used as a vehicle to poke fun at the film industry and Hollywood in general. At least, that’s according to sources close to WGTC, the same ones who told us Captain America 4 was in development with Anthony Mackie long before it was announced.

Of course, the concept has been utilized marvellously in contemporary films such as Deadpool, making it hardly surprising that fans are calling for Ryan Reynolds to assume the role, should it ever come his way. Are you of the opinion that he’s the perfect choice for Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2, though, or is there another actor you think would be an even better fit? Let us know in the usual place below!