Johnny Depp Reportedly Didn’t Lose His Pirates Of The Caribbean Role Because Of Amber Heard

Pirates of the Caribbean

There’ve always been rumors about how Johnny Depp lost the role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise because of his controversial legal battle with Amber Heard. However, a new source close to the situation claims that that was never the case.

Depp’s former wife recently caught a lot of fire after being exposed for physically and emotionally abusing her then-husband. In these situations, the sensible assumption would be that couples fight and might sometimes even need therapeutic intervention. Pretty textbook, right? What enrages people, though, is the fact that Heard twisted the narrative for years to show herself as the victim when her husband was suffering as well. Now, fans are rallying behind the Fantastic Beasts star and asking for justice by launching campaigns against Heard, such as the petition to remove her from Aquaman 2, which is picking up a lot of steam and is currently on its way to hit 500,000 signatures.

As for Depp, the Mouse House is reportedly considering bringing him back for the next installment of the Pirates series in the wake of these new revelations, though according to ScreenGeek’s sources, Disney never got rid of the actor because of the allegations and simply just wanted to reinvent the franchise.

“Johnny Depp was actually never officially dropped from Disney’s next Pirates of the Caribbean film. In fact, there was never a statement from any source at Disney that the allegations against Depp involving Amber Heard would get him removed from the film. Disney was just looking to go in a different direction for a potential reboot and there never was any confirmation that the allegations cost him the role.”

So, there you have it. If this new report is anything to go by, Depp didn’t lose his role because of Heard’s allegations and instead lost it over a creative decision. That being said, given Disney’s track record of taking rash measures to avoid such controversial affiliations, we’d take this with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, people are ferociously campaigning to bring the actor back, so the Mouse House might end up having to forsake its plans of rebooting Pirates of the Caribbean to cater to fan requests, which is one other thing that they’re known to be good at.