Johnny Depp Poses Behind Bars To Accept An Award In Strange Photo

Johnny Depp

Just when you thought the saga of Johnny Depp‘s recent fall from grace couldn’t offer up any more surprises, an episode of the Animaniacs revival came along with an outdated reference to a meme that was popular two years ago and instantly lit another fire under the actor’s fans, who launched a petition demanding the creative team apologize for a joke they viewed as a direct dig at the 57 year-old losing his recent libel trial, while further calls were made to boycott anything and everything associated with studio Warner Bros.

In any other year, that sentence would sound patently ridiculous, but this is 2020 we’re talking about, so let’s just roll with it. The former Pirates of the Caribbean star has barely been out of the headlines over the last few weeks, after the judge ruling against him in the courtroom coincided with WB asking him to step down from his role as the Fantastic Beasts franchise’s Grindelwald.

Despite getting a nice eight-figure payday for a single day of shooting, Depp’s loyalists have been up in arms over the whole situation, especially when Amber Heard is thrilled to be returning for Aquaman 2. The deposed Jack Sparrow appears to be in good spirits, though, having recently picked up an award and deciding to celebrate his victory with what has to be a self-aware snap of him posing behind the bars of a prison cell, which you can check out below.

The trophy is from the Cameraimage festival in Poland, with Johnny Depp winning the prize for Actor With Unique Visual Sensitivity, whatever that means. He may have fallen on hard times career-wise, but the image comes from the Bahamas where the star currently owns his own private island, so things clearly aren’t all doom and gloom for him right now.