Johnny Depp’s Reportedly Angry That Amber Heard’s Still Getting Job Offers


We’re still seeing the fallout of Johnny Depp‘s catastrophic defeat in the British High Court last year. His libel case brought against The Sun newspaper was intended to refute accusations that he was a drug-addled domestic abuser and expose ex-wife Amber Heard as a fantasist. But it backfired spectacularly, as not only was Depp’s dirty laundry aired in public, but the judge found Heard’s testimony convincing and ruled that it isn’t libellous to describe him as a “wife-beater.”

Consequences came fast. He was almost immediately booted off Fantastic Beasts 3, has reportedly lost several high-profile upcoming roles, and insiders say he’s currently blacklisted in Hollywood. But the most painful blow may come from Disney, as the studio is apparently planning to move forward on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now, leaker Daniel Richtman is saying that Depp’s furious that Heard’s star appears to be rising as his falls and is “pissed” that she keeps getting work. His ex-wife recently appeared in CBS’ The Stand and is about to film Aquaman 2 despite multiple fan campaigns trying to get her fired (Mera will also play a minor role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League next month). But it’s the latest rumor doing the rounds that must seriously enrage Depp, as reports say that Heard is in contention to portray Rapunzel in Disney’s live-action version of Tangled.

The actress potentially being hired by the Mouse House for a big role just as they drop him from his most iconic part must really stick in his craw. But this story isn’t over yet, as Depp is mounting an appeal and there are lawsuits filed in Virginia that could go more favourably for him. Still, right now, Heard is going from strength-to-strength and Johnny Depp is suffering major career damage, so even if he’s eventually vindicated, he might never again be the A-lister he once was.

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