Joker’s New Look In Justice League Snyder Cut Reportedly Includes Guns And Police Badges

Jared Leto Joker

Fans had their interest piqued when it was confirmed that Jared Leto’s Joker would sport a new look in Justice League, because the heavily tattooed cross between a pimp and a Juggalo that we saw in Suicide Squad didn’t exactly generate the most enthusiastic reception. Of course, the actor’s performance wasn’t reflective of the extreme lengths he went to in order to get into character, but it also didn’t help that most of his scenes were dropped from the movie as the studio assembled two competing edits, neither of which reflected director David Ayer’s vision.

Zack Snyder has built his career on a stylishly grim and gritty aesthetic and as such, it’ll be interesting to see how the filmmaker handles one of the DCEU’s most polarizing figures. The all-new spin on the Clown Prince of Crime is said to be more in keeping with the dark, twisted and terrifying Joker that murdered Robin and burned Wayne Manor to the ground than the one-dimensional punchline that appeared in Suicide Squad, but so far, we haven’t caught a glimpse of him yet.

We know that the Clown Prince of Crime is poised to appear in Justice League‘s new Knightmare scene, though, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Leto would be getting a new look well before it was confirmed by Snyder himself – that he’ll show in the sequence up appearing like a character from Mad Max: Gotham City, complete with long brown/green hair and a tattered wardrobe adorned with guns and police badges that have presumably been taken as trophies from those unfortunate enough to get in his way.

Of course, audiences are already expecting the Snyder Cut of Justice League to be something special, and if it ends up with fans demanding more of Jared Leto’s Joker after many were happy to see the back of him when he was written out of the franchise in Birds of Prey, then the director will have achieved something as close to impossible as it gets in the DCEU.