Josh Brolin Defends Chris Pratt Against Online Backlash

Chris Pratt

Despite his affable personality and undeniable star charisma, Chris Pratt has become the latest victim of Twitter’s desire to cancel anyone who does anything remotely disagreeable. In this case, all the Guardians of the Galaxy star did was be one of the many Marvel Cinematic Universe actors that didn’t appear at a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Of course, with this being the age of social media and instant faux outrage, the 41 year-old was soon trending worldwide for being a racist right-wing homophobe, despite Pratt keeping his political opinions to himself. Nobody was calling for Robert Downey Jr.’s head, though, when he also neglected to take part in the fundraiser, and the MCU’s former Iron Man even waded into the argument to come to the defense of his friend and colleague.

Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana and James Gunn also stuck up for Pratt, but that hasn’t stopped him from being named as the worst of Hollywood’s Four Chrises alongside Hemsworth, Evans and Pine. Now, Josh Brolin is the latest member of the Marvel Studios family to support the actor, and his Instagram post gently mocks the outrage, as you can see below.

For some reason, certain sections of the internet fanbase are under the impression that everyone in Hollywood is obligated to reveal their personal and political beliefs to the world, which is insane. Everyone has a private life, and just because Chris Pratt didn’t publicly support a cause that many of his co-stars lent their backing to, that doesn’t mean he’s all of a sudden the most despicable Chris that’s ever graced the big screen. But that’s just the world we live in these days.