Jungle Cruise 2 Officially Moving Forward At Disney, Dwayne Johnson And Emily Blunt Returning

Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson had hardly been shy over his intentions, but Disney have now officially confirmed that a sequel to Jungle Cruise is in development, less than 24 hours after the family-friendly adventure blockbuster crossed $100 million at the domestic box office, with international numbers bringing it up to near $200 million. And not only that, but Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt will both return.

When you factor in Disney Plus Premier Access sales estimated to be well above $50 million, it can’t be denied that Jungle Cruise is one of the pandemic era’s biggest success stories. And to think, the project spent so long stuck in a rut that it was originally announced in the mid-2000s with Toy Story duo Tom Hanks and Tim Allen set to re-team in live-action.

Jungle Cruise

Unlike the majority of big budget studio efforts, Jungle Cruise didn’t end on a blatant sequel-baiting tease, so there’s a clean slate for scribe Michael Green, who co-wrote the opener, to play with. Jaumee Collet-Serra is also expected to return, making him a firm part of Johnson’s inner circle after the duo immediately collaborated on the DCEU’s Black Adam once they wrapped the theme park adaptation.

The Rock can’t speak highly enough of Emily Blunt, so it’s no surprise they were keen to continue partnering up in their very own franchise, and he’s also set to produce her upcoming outing as groundbreaking Pinkerton Kate Warne, while the pair attached themselves to Netflix superhero story Ball & Chain last year. Johnson has a typically packed slate that includes Black Adam, DC League of Super-Pets, Red Notice, festive action comedy Red One and a Hobbs & Shaw follow up, so Jungle Cruise 2 will only continue reinforcing his extreme work ethic.