Jurassic World: Dominion Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS]


After over a decade in hibernation, Jurassic World brought the long-running dinosaur franchise roaring back to the forefront of the public consciousness, where it surprised many analysts by smashing countless box office records and ultimately earning over $1.6 billion globally, becoming the third highest-grossing movie ever made at the time.

A franchise reborn, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom naturally arrived three years later and while the general consensus is that it was one of the two weakest entries in the entire series, it still managed to top $1.3 billion. Returning director Colin Trevorrow had to have been keenly aware that audiences weren’t too enamored with the second outing, so he decided to bring back the big guns for next year’s Dominion, with original stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern all returning to play major roles, tapping into that lucrative nostalgia market in the process.

The movie marks an all-star effort of sorts, bringing the casts of the two Jurassic franchises together at long last, presumably to draw the initial trilogy to a close, although there’s little chance of this being the definitive end for a brand that’s spawned three billion dollar hits out of five installments.

Star Chris Pratt has already compared it to Avengers: Endgame in how it brings all of the major characters together for their final stand, and we’ve now heard from our sources, the same ones that told us that Jake Johnson would be returning for Dominion well before it was confirmed, that he wasn’t kidding. Endgame saw several major names killed off for the greater good, and according to our intel, Pratt’s Owen Grady will suffer a similar fate.

Apparently, the current plan is for Owen to meet his demise during the major third act action sequence, presumably to draw a line under the current Jurassic World arc. Although, he’ll still likely appear in the proposed spinoff show, which is set to take place before Dominion. How exactly he’ll die is still unclear, but we’re told that they definitely intend to kill him off.

Despite Pratt’s charisma and star power, the character has never been much more than a one-dimension action hero archetype, so it seems unlikely that there’s going to be mass hysteria in theaters around the world if he ends up getting bumped off. But still, killing him will ensure there are some real stakes in the trilogy-closer and we’re curious to see who else might end up meeting their maker in the film alongside him.