Just when it couldn’t get worse, Superman and Wonder Woman fans are dealt more bad news

henry cavill superman
via Warner Bros.

When James Gunn and DC Studios decide to cut ties, they mean it literally, as both Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot’s cameos have reportedly been cut from The Flash.

Last week, Warner Bros. Discovery announced Wonder Woman 3’s cancellation, leaving Gadot’s status in doubt. Then, the Earth shook as Henry Cavill – fresh off his Black Adam return cameo and proclamations that he was back as Superman – exited the DCU stage left. Just when things didn’t look grim enough for those SnyderVerse holdovers, word spread of more bad news.

Rumors had been swirling since last year that both Cavill and Gadot had filmed cameos for next year’s potential blockbuster, The Flash. On the heels of the Superman recasting news, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that those scenes have been cut from the film. 

In Cavill’s case, since his exit is 100 percent official, it only spoils a chance for one last SnyderVerse reunion before the inevitable DCU reboot. The bigger picture pertains to the implications regarding Gadot. Although nothing official has been announced, the WW3 cancellation had fans wondering if she would remain as Wonder Woman. Despite there being a chance that WW3 could be made with a new director, cutting Gadot’s cameo is a flashing neon sign that her time in the DCU has expired as well.

As you may have guessed, SnyderVerse fans aren’t handling the latest developments especially well. 

The rumor mill claims that these cameos were very brief glimpses, so it’s not like several minutes of footage have been left on the cutting room floor. In the case of Superman, Cavill’s Black Adam cameo alone would have made his The Flash appearance obsolete if the source can be believed. 

It’s just one more blow to the hopes and dreams that the SnyderVerse would somehow be resurrected. At least you have a reason to look forward to The Flash’s eventual Blu-ray extended cut.