Justice League Actor Says Snyder Cut Is Already Better Than Theatrical Version

Justice League

We’ve hardly even seen much of Zack Snyder’s Justice League yet, but it’s already better than the version released in cinemas back in 2017. At least, that’s according to the one and only Darkseid himself.

Today, Snyder dropped our first look at a redesigned Steppenwolf online, which joins a previous clip the filmmaker has shared as pretty much all we’ve laid eyes on of the Snyder Cut to date. But that’s enough for star Ray Porter to declare that it’s already better than what Joss Whedon came up with for the theatrical edit.

Porter, whose uber-villain was not featured at all in the Whedon cut, took to Twitter today following Snyder’s post to praise what we’ve seen of his movie so far, saying:

“A 30 second video and a low res still. Already better than the entirety of that “other” version. F**k the trolls. This is gonna be epic,” Porter wrote on Twitter.

While Steppenwolf will still be the villain of the piece, Darkseid is expected to have a more significant role than you might think. This time, he’ll appear as part of the flashback to the ancient battle between Earth and Apokolips and he’ll also turn up in the present, too, encountering the League for the first time. The 30-second clip Porter mentions teased Darkseid’s arrival, as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was depicted inspecting a prehistoric cave painting of the tyrant.

Porter’s refusal to even mention Whedon’s name in his tweet shows just how little respect those involved with JL have for what he did with the film. Plus, we all know that Ray Fisher is no fan of the man himself, having publicly accused the Avengers director of abusive behavior on set during the reshoots. Fisher has hinted that he’s building a serious case against Whedon, too, so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

On a more positive note, we’re due the first trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut during DC FanDome on August 22nd. Watch this space for more.