Justice League Adorns Cover Of CIAK Magazine As New Promo Surfaces


Right now, it’s probably safe to assume that we’re all waiting for the final trailer for Justice League to drop. After all, we have less than two months to go until DC’s premier superheroes unite on the big screen for the first time, and New York Comic Con is right around the corner, so something’s got to give, right?

Having established that we’re on pins and needles with the rest of you, let’s talk about a few items that we have to tide us over in the interim, the first of which is a new promo that’s been circulating. Funnily enough, it opens with Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller, who are playing Cyborg and the Flash, respectively.

Understandably, much talk is surrounding the Trinity – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – and rightfully so, but it’s important we not forget that more than three stars make up this constellation. As it turns out, neither Fisher nor Miller have let it slip their minds, with both joking that they’re the leaders of the Justice League.

Hilarity aside, it’s nice to see that such camaraderie and chemistry be displayed between castmates, something we hope carries over to the silver screen. And after hearing how this iteration of the Scarlet Speedster is said to be a bit of a show stealer, we’re guessing there’s a very good chance of that. Appropriately enough, said promo is titled “Chemistry,” and shows just how well this set of actors have managed to gel.

In related news, the gang is set to adorn the cover of another magazine, this time being Italian publication CIAK. Although somewhat similar to past group shots, it’s no less appreciated – even if the Man of Steel decided to sit another one out. You can check it out down in the gallery below, along with a few other recent promo shots.

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17.

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