Jason Momoa Details One Justice League Deleted Scene Featuring Aquaman And Diana


When one looks back on Justice League‘s trailer campaign, it becomes clear that Warner Bros. cut a lot of scenes in the build-up to November 17th.

Hell, some fans have even taken it upon themselves to launch a petition calling for Zack Snyder’s edition, one that’s purportedly “much longer” and teeming with cameos, to be released on home video. It’s since collected more than 100,000 signatures, which goes to show that when it comes to Justice League, that fabled director’s cut is no laughing matter. Indeed, if you’re curious, a ton of alleged deleted scenes leaked onto the interwebs just this morning, including one in which Cyborg learns to fly.

Now, Jason Momoa has peeled back the curtain just a little bit more to describe a deleted scene featuring Diana Prince and his Arthur Curry.

While chatting to Rajeev Masand (via ComicBook.com), Momoa spoke about his history with Aquaman, before recalling a scene in which his on-screen character offers his canteen to Gal Gadot’s Diana.

Remember that one scene we did that got cut out of it? This is a great scene, I pull out my little flask and I’m like (grunts and offers the flask), and it’s Wonder Woman she’s like ‘no thank you’. It’s just a, she’s such a lady ya know what I mean and I’m such a, just a big dumb dumb and she’s like ‘no thank you, Arthur’.

Since its arrival last Friday, Justice League has been torn to shreds by critics, with the general consensus being that Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s feature is a big, dumb blockbuster that’s crippled by lackluster CGI. Of course, the big question now is whether JL can turn a profit – $700 million is said to be the target, so let’s just say the DCEU’s biggest act has a mountain to climb if it’s to ever catch up with Wonder Woman ($821 million).