Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League Exists And Is Fully Complete


Ever since Justice League arrived in theaters last week, DC fans have lambasted Warner Bros. for altering Zack Snyder’s original vision of the movie beyond all recognition once he was forced to hand the baton over to Joss Whedon after a family tragedy. Some of the biggest complaints include the lean 2-hour runtime, which was allegedly implemented by the studio, the choppy editing and the score from Danny Elfman, which some feel didn’t fit with the DCEU’s tone.

Given this, many are clamouring for a Snyder cut of the film. In fact, at the time of writing, nearly 90,000 people have signed a fan-made petition that calls for WB to release a director’s cut of Justice League at some point. There’s still been no word from the studio on whether or not that will happen, but for those of you that supported the petition, it looks like we have some good news. Several sources have confirmed this week that a version of Zack Snyder’s original cut is complete, including VFX and a score from originally-appointed composer Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg).

For proof, check out a series of Tweets below:

We already know that WB screened an early version of Snyder’s cut to test audiences, meaning it exists. And even if the VFX and score aren’t quite finished, that would surely only require a little more work to get up to scratch for general consumption, right? Presumably, it’d be completed in time for the film’s home video release, following on from the ultimate cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the (much more underwhelming, but still decent) extended edition of Suicide Squad.

Though an actual Snyder cut hasn’t arrived yet, we have heard bits and pieces about what changes Whedon made to Justice League, and a few deleted scenes have even leaked online (albeit in silent form). Hopefully, the studio will take notice of all this and release an extended cut of the movie in due course.

Until that moment comes, however, tell us, do you want to see Snyder’s original vision for Justice League? Sound off below and let us know!