RUMOR: The Zack Snyder Cut Of Justice League Is “Much Longer” And Includes More Cameos


You didn’t think The Batman would be the only DC property mentioned in a 4chan leak now, did you?

Amid chatter that Matt Reeves’ solo movie will be a decade-spanning yarn that pits the Caped Crusader against Deathstroke, the masked vigilante to be played by Joe Manganiello, the rumor mill has churned out another speculative tidbit – only this time, the focus has been shifted back toward Justice League.

Now playing in theaters across the globe, Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s team-up movie has been dogged by mediocre reviews ever since its release on November 17th. It looks like things will only get worse before they get better though, what with analysts claiming Justice League will now limp miserably toward a $700 million box office tally, despite initial estimations projecting a billion-dollar home run for the suits at Warner Bros.

But there is an S-shaped light at the end of the tunnel – and no, we’re not talking about the Man of Steel, but rather Zack Snyder, whose cut is reportedly “much longer” than Justice League‘s theatrical release. Not only that, it’s said to feature more cameos, too.

Echoing previous rumors, the DCEU subreddit has unearthed another unofficial tidbit from 4chan, which reads as follows:

On the topic of Justice League, there is a Snyder cut [and] it is coming. Much longer. More Luthor. More cameos in general, [along with] more Green Lantern(s)

It’s by no means definitive proof on the matter, but with a petition for Zack Snyder’s cut already doing the rounds online, Warner Bros. would be foolish not to release an alternate version of Justice League. Besides, much like the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman before it, it’ll open up another stream of revenue for WB. And lord knows the studio needs it now, considering JL may wind up losing $100 million when all is said and done.

Source: Reddit