Justice League Fan Edit Creates Far Superior Version Of Batman’s Entrance


From the direction to the script to the misuse of the talented cast, there was much that DC fans criticized Justice League for. One such element though was the soundtrack. Despite being scored by Danny Elfman, a man who’s a bit of a legend in the comic book movie world for working on the likes of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Tim Burton’s Batman movies, it was fairly unmemorable.

What many fans wished for was something more in line with the dark, moody work offered by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL in previous DCEU installments. To give us a taste of what might have been, one fan has now rescored the scene where Batman arrives on Jim Gordon’s roof with a snippet of the duo’s Batman V Superman score.

While they were at it, they also reinserted an awesome lingering shot that only featured in the trailers and not in the finished product. The resulting edit is arguably superior to what we actually got in Justice League, and you can check it out down below.

You can’t deny that this version is a whole lot more dramatic than what we saw on screen. Zack Snyder crafted a wonderfully comic book-y shot with Batman standing on that gargoyle, so it’s a shame that it was replaced with a blurry out of focus version for the theatrical cut. What’s more, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL’s bombastic theme rams home the point that this is a fearsome dude you don’t want to mess with. Even the gargoyle’s probably terrified.

To be fair to Danny Elfman, though, this part of Justice League was actually one of the stronger moments of his soundtrack, as he inserted a few bars of his 1989 Batman theme. It was a welcome hit of nostalgia to hear this beloved piece of music back in a DC movie but, truth be told, it kind of felt a bit out of place. Simply put, Zimmer and Junkie XL’s work just fits the ethos of the DCEU much better.