Justice League Producer Says A Sequel Is Probably Years Away

Justice League

The corporate structure of both Warner Bros. and DC Films is messy at the best of times, and one of the major reasons why the superhero shared universe has often struggled to maintain consistency or even coherence in the eight years since Man of Steel first launched the franchise.

Everything that happens over at Marvel Studios is overseen by Kevin Feige, but there are a number of production companies all competing to put their own stamp on the DCEU. Producer Charles Roven and his Atlas Entertainment are a case in point, with the outfit involved in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, both iterations of Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and its sequel, as well as the theatrical and HBO Max versions of Justice League.

However, that means Atlas aren’t involved in Shazam!, Aquaman, Birds of Prey, Black Adam or The Flash, so nobody can really offer a definitive answer as to what the short and long term future holds for any more DCEU crossovers, when so many people have skin in the game. That being said, Roven did his best to answer that question, and it’s not particularly great news for Justice League fans.

“Atlas produces anything that had to do with things that branched off of Man of Steel. So if it was a Superman movie that involved Henry, I would be involved, at least for a couple more. If it was a Batman-involved product like Batman v Superman or Justice League, I would be involved in those. Suicide Squad, I would be involved in those, up until a certain amount. Probably another Justice League, although I think that’s a number of years away.”

The #RestoreTheSnyderVerse campaigns have tapered off significantly after WB made it perfectly clear that the Snyder Cut drew a line under that arm of the mythology, but as a whole Justice League is far too valuable of a property to simply leave sitting on the sidelines, so it’s surely a matter of when and not if we see the all-star lineup reunited in the future. Unfortunately, it looks increasingly unlikely that it’ll be direct sequels to Snyder’s work, with a reboot of sorts almost guaranteed to happen eventually.