The Justice League Snyder Cut Has Reportedly Screened For DC Execs

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Another day, another chapter in the long-running saga of the Justice League Snyder Cut. The ongoing story between the filmmaker’s mythical unfinished version of the movie and the studio’s apparent reluctance to cave in to pressure and fan demands to finally get it completed has dragged on for two and a half years now, but recent speculation points towards the upcoming debut of HBO Max being a pivotal moment for one of the most famous unfinished projects in recent memory.

As the latest entrant into an already crowded market, WarnerMedia’s streaming platform is under huge pressure to succeed from day one given the big investment and vast library of content that’s been assembled to try and convince potential subscribers to shell out for yet another over-the-top service. Should initial projections fail to meet intended targets, then the Snyder Cut could be unleashed as their secret weapon to generate massive buzz for the newest soldier in the streaming wars.

The noise surrounding the Snyder Cut only seems to be getting louder, which could indicate that something is definitely in the works this time. Crew members and friends of Kevin Smith that worked on the movie have both admitted that they’ve seen it, with recent reports indicating that the alternate version of Justice League is very much back in play.

We brought you the news yesterday that a teaser trailer was rumored to be used as a tactic to drum up some high-profile publicity when HBO Max finally goes live, and it’s now seemingly been revealed that the Snyder Cut was screened for DC executives back in February.

“It seems like a recent screening of the film could lead to a wider release. Heroic Hollywood has exclusively learned and confirmed that Zack Snyder held a private screening of his cut of Justice League in the first quarter of 2020, with executives from DC in attendance. According to an individual with knowledge of the situation, something is happening with Snyder’s cut of the film, and discussions are currently underway.”

All signs seem to point towards the Snyder Cut being closer to becoming a reality than ever before, and all it took was for the studio to launch their own streaming service that faces a tough battle for subscriber numbers against the likes of Disney Plus, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. Maybe this has been the plan for the original version of Justice League all along, but until it gets officially confirmed, fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed for a little while longer.