Justice League Snyder Cut Reshoots Reportedly Added More Knightmare Scenes

Batman Knightmare

Zack Snyder recently revealed that his Justice League reshoots would only add four or five minutes onto the running time of HBO Max’s epic four-hour miniseries, which doesn’t seem like an awful lot given that he’s gathered several members of the cast back together for the additional filming, as well as recruiting Jared Leto’s Joker and Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke for the ensemble.

The filmmaker has already admitted, though, that up to 75% of his cut will be footage that’s never been seen before, and will include nothing filmed by Joss Whedon. That means there’s a whole lot of stuff that was left on the cutting room floor, enough to double the running time of Justice League without having to use a single frame shot by his replacement.

That’s obviously led to increased speculation about what the new scenes could be about, and insider Daniel Richtman claims that the four or five minutes being added to Justice League will add more depth to the Knightmare sequences. One of the many subplots left abandoned and ignored by the DCEU’s continuity, the Flash’s cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice went absolutely nowhere, while the post-apocalyptic scene with Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight was brief and didn’t contribute much to the overall narrative.

Snyder has claimed in the past that he was planning on the sequences having a much bigger impact on his contributions to the DCEU’s mythology in the long run before his tenure was cut short, and Richtman hints that Deathstroke and Joker will be integral to Justice League‘s fresh look at the alternate timeline, which would build on the teases to the Clown Prince of Crime that have already been spotted in previous glimpses at the Knightmare landscape.