‘Justice League’ star follows Ben Affleck’s lead by trashing Joss Whedon and Warner Bros.

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Ben Affleck may have been convinced to end his self-imposed retirement as the DCU’s Batman for both Zack Snyder’s Justice League and The Flash, but shooting a handful of scenes seems to be the actor’s limit.

Not only will the Scarlet Speedster’s long-awaited solo debut mark the end of the line for his canonical Caped Crusader, but the two-time Academy Award winner unequivocally shut down any chances of directing a blockbuster for James Gunn and Peter Safran’s overhauled superhero shared universe.

As dismayed as some fans will be to know that the rumored front-runner to helm The Brave and the Bold was nothing but internet smoke and mirrors, they can always rely on Ray Fisher to make an appearance whenever Joss Whedon’s name is being dragged through the mud.

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Image via Warner Bros.

The former Cyborg star has never been shy in eviscerating Snyder’s replacement at the helm of the dismal theatrical edition of Justice League, and he used Affleck’s disparaging comments as a means to once more call for the studio heads to be held accountable for what went down during reshoots.

Given that he’s got a role in Snyder’s upcoming Netflix sci-fi Rebel Moon, Fisher’s bad blood is evidently only with the studio, but he’s going to keep demanding they right their wrongs regardless of how often he’s been given the silent treatment. Almost seven years on and it seems unlikely ever to happen, though, but the viral nature of Affleck’s bombshell interview solidified the sentiment that Justice League’s infamy isn’t in any danger of subsiding anytime soon.