Justice League Star Ray Fisher Wishes Fans A Happy Hamada Day

Image via DC Films

Ray Fisher may have finally gained some sense of closure when Zack Snyder’s Justice League came to HBO Max this past March, which restored his role as Cyborg to its fullest. The actor’s Victor Stone was arguably the beating heart of the entire team, and it gave a clear indication that his contributions to the DCEU blockbuster were almost completely stripped away by Joss Whedon and Warner Bros. in the editing room.

However, he isn’t done with Walter Hamada quite yet, as evidenced by his latest tongue-in-cheek social media post. It was just last month that Fisher revealed he still wanted a public apology from the DC Films president, after the star’s accusations leveled at both Whedon and the studio in the wake of the Justice League reshoots led to an internal investigation that effectively tried to brandish him as a liar.

As you can see below, Fisher thanked fans for supporting him throughout the prickly public battle, celebrating the one-year anniversary of his vindication by wishing everyone a happy Hamada Day.

Fisher has admirably stuck to his guns by declining the opportunity to return as Cyborg in The Flash, making it clear that he won’t entertain a return to the DCEU for as long as Hamada remains in charge. Throughout it all, the 33 year-old’s friends, colleagues, co-stars and collaborators have remained unwavering in their support, while his former boss continues to maintain complete radio silence on the matter.