Justice League Stuntman Shows Off New Look At Batman’s Tactical Suit


DC movies can sure be messy creations, with divisive works like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League aspiring to cram so many characters and plot points into a single story that’s it’s often easy to miss the attention to detail that goes into all this dimly lit action.

Just take the Caped Crusader’s most recent costume for example, which stuntman Richard Cetrone wore in last year’s Justice League. Earlier this week, he took to Instagram to show off the full body of the tactical suit which Ben Affleck donned in the fight against Steppenwolf, giving us a pretty good look at it. Overall, it’s not a bad design, and Cetrone wears it well, while exhibiting the appropriately brooding facial expression to match.

What’s more, you might want to get used to seeing someone who isn’t Ben Affleck wear this costume, since the actor’s now said to be out of the game. While it remains unconfirmed who’ll be handling the title role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, there’s a notable section of the fanbase who’d be keen to see Mad Men star Jon Hamm in the part, and admittedly, it’s not hard to picture the guy exuding the charisma of a playboy billionaire while conveying the appropriately tortured soul.

Elsewhere in the DCEU, Justice League co-star Henry Cavill is also reported to be hanging up the cape, adding to the feeling that the franchise is currently in an uncertain period of transition. We’ll see if this comic book saga can stay bankable when Aquaman drops on December 21st, 2018, followed by Shazam! on April 5th, 2019 and Wonder Woman 1984 on November 1st of the same year. As for The Batman, a release date is still to be confirmed, but at least we know that the script’s first draft is now done.