Justice League Will Feature Black Canary…Kind Of


In its six season history, Arrow has managed to produce a lineage of Canaries that’s starting to rival the number of Robins that Batman has accrued. First, Sara Lance broke the ice as the Canary (keep in mind that she never used “Black” as a prefix), with her sister, Laurel, following in her footsteps as the first proper Black Canary. And although neither women were metahumans and instead relied on hypersonic technology to produce their “Canary Cry,” both boasted loyal fanbases.

But after Laurel was killed off in season 4, the viewing audience was damn near ready to riot because the character is such a key component in the Green Arrow mythos. Luckily, we were introduced to Dinah Drake (played by Juliana Harkavy), whom some of you may know as the Golden Age Black Canary from the comics, in season 5. Throughout this all, though, we’ve still never seen her appear on the silver screen in a live-action film, which is definitely a shame.

But could that be about to change? It would seem so, as reports are surfacing that confirm earlier rumors of a Black Canary cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. According to several users on Reddit, the character appears in the film but doesn’t go by her superhero name. Instead, she’s just referred to as Dinah Laurel Lance and shows up as a civilian. Whether this is simply a fun easter egg for fans to pick up on or a seed planted for future appearances is unknown, but it’s definitely exciting.

Now, Reddit is hardly the most trustworthy source, but further proof of a Black Canary cameo comes from Jeremy Conrad, who’s seen the film and took to Twitter to offer confirmation that she’s in it. He noted that it’s not a very significant role, but again, this might just be a way of introducing her into the DCEU so that the studio can bring her back in the future. After all, she has been rumored for Batgirl in the past.

Of course, there’s always a chance that we’ll sit down in theaters on November 17th only to find no trace of Black Canary whatsoever, but the amount of evidence pointing towards her being included is overwhelming and with the review embargo for Justice League set to lift early next week, it shouldn’t be too much longer now before we get firm confirmation on both this and that rumored post-credits scene featuring Lex Luthor and Deathstroke.