Justice League: Zack Snyder Photo And 3D Renders Offer A Closer Look At Tweaked Batsuit


As previously reported, Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight will sport not one, but two Batsuits in the upcoming Justice League movie – saving the world from otherworldly threats requires a touch of versatility, after all – and after teasing fans with a glimpse of the tactical Batsuit, director Zack Snyder has shared a new photo of the Caped Crusader from behind. Either that or an obscure pic of the film’s forthcoming merchandise line.

First spotted by Comic Book, the image arrives in tandem with 3D renders of Batman’s iconic cowl and if nothing else, the two promos act as an exciting glimpse at Affleck’s vigilante as we’ll be seeing him in November’s ensemble movie. Embedded below, there’s every chance that the first image is actually a close-up of a Justice League figurine, so it’s difficult to figure out exactly what Zack Snyder is teasing. A new trailer is on the way, but Warner Bros. will likely hold fire until Wonder Woman premieres in June.

Either way, here’s the latest Justice League tidbits for you to peruse:

Justice League Batman

They certainly showcase a different side to Bruce Wayne’s iconic guise. Justice League costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently touched base on the changes being made to Batman’s cowl, stating: “We’ve come up with a new cowl. It’s very close to the last one, but again new technologies, new materials (now made from polyurethane instead of foam latex), tweaking has allowed us to take that one even further.”

Held up as the DCEU’s rebirth, Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17, 2017 – long after Wonder Woman stages her own solo movie on June 2.

Source: Comic Book