Justin Bieber’s Calling Tom Cruise Out For A Fight Again

Tom Cruise

One of the most bizarre stories of 2019 came when Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight. Of course, if this had happened in 2020, we’d have all just shrugged and gone along with it because last year kept throwing so many curveballs, but at the time, it gained a huge amount of publicity.

UFC boss Dana White was straight in there trying to make the fight happen, while Conor McGregor offered to host it and his old rival Floyd Mayweather wanted to promote it. For a while, in fact, it actually looked like it might go ahead, but there was the obvious roadblock that Cruise never once publicly commented on the matter, or even acknowledged all of the online traction that it gained.

Despite the 32-year age difference, most of us are operating under the assumption that the legendary action hero would make short work of the scrawny pop star inside the octagon, especially with the Top Gun star’s history of fight training and just generally doing insane things in the name of our entertainment that most people wouldn’t even dream of. And though we may never get to see the fight, it seems like Bieber is still pushing for it to happen.

The pop star plays a boxer in the music video for his new song, and to promote it on social media, he posted a photo of himself in full gear with the caption ‘Tom Cruise is toast.’ After his tirade at the Mission: Impossible 7 crew for breaking COVID-19 protocols, the actor’s co-workers won’t even get within six feet of him or anyone else for that matter, so who knows, maybe he can blow off some steam by stepping into the cage with someone less than half his age and beat them to a pulp to the tunes of millions and millions of pay-per-view buys?