Mission: Impossible 7 Crew Reportedly Walking On Eggshells After Tom Cruise Rant

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been making headlines recently thanks to his explosive rant towards the Mission: Impossible 7 crew after he caught a few people not practicing social distancing going viral. The actor was apoplectic at the health and safety protocols not being followed, and based on the troubles that the film has faced thus far, it’s hard to blame him for being so upset.

After all, the shoot had already taken a hiatus after first being halted in March, and as the driving force behind the whole franchise, it makes sense that Cruise holds himself personally responsible for its success. Not to mention that a big budget globetrotting espionage blockbuster like this one would be a logistical nightmare to put together in the current climate, and while some people think his rant was a little excessive, you can completely understand his concern.

In any case, it seems that Cruise has crew members a bit spooked, as they’re now “walking on eggshells,” not wanting to incur the wrath of the actor again. According to a source speaking with US Weekly:

“They believe it had a lot to do with his ego. Good intentions aside, he didn’t need to rant and rave the way he did.”

Fair enough, but when that much is on the line, it’s understandable that things would get heated on set. And while Cruise may have an ego, he’s still got the movie’s best interests at heart and wants to get it shot and in the can so that they can avoid any further delays. And with all the healthy and safety precautions they need to take on set now, it’s certainly not easy putting together a production like this one.

Tell us, though, do you think the actor was right to go off like that on the Mission: Impossible 7 crew? Or was there another way he could’ve handled it? Let us know down below.