Karen Gillan Hopes Black Panther’s Success Will Lead To All-Female Avengers Movie


It’s a continued blot on the relatively unblemished Marvel Cinematic Universe that it will have taken over a decade and twenty films for them to release a movie about a female hero. That’s going to be Captain Marvel, scheduled for release on March 8th, 2019, but Avengers: Infinity War star Karen Gillan doesn’t want the studio to stop there.

In an interview with Metro, Gillan was asked about the future of women in the MCU and revealed that she’d love to see an all-female Avengers movie at some point.

“It is something all of us Marvel actresses have talked about and think would be an amazing project. It is exciting because we have ‘Captain Marvel’ coming out, with Brie Larson in it, and that will be a big celebration for all of us. Because that is the first female-led Marvel movie. I hope that can lead to more female ensemble Marvel films. That would be amazing.”

I agree, an all-female Avengers movie starring Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Nebula, Wasp, Gamora and Shuri sounds like a pretty damn good time to me, especially as some of those characters were the best things in their respective films (especially Letitia Wright’s kick ass Wakandan princess, who really deserves more exposure).

Continuing on, Gillan said:

“The success of ‘Black Panther’ has said a lot about our industry and appetites and what audiences want, it’s always exciting when that happens, because then it’s like, ‘OK, what is going to come from this?’ It is going to open up so many opportunities for other people and so it is exciting.”

You can bet that Kevin Feige and the higher-ups at Marvel Studios watched the success of Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman through gritted teeth, realizing that the valuable prize of releasing a female-fronted superhero movie had been theirs to take and they fumbled the ball. Given how much they marketed the hell out of Black Panther, it’s clear that the studio’s desire is to be seen as a company releasing diverse films that aren’t just about the problems of middle-aged white guys (albeit super-powered ones).

Gillan’s Nebula has some rocky times ahead of her first, though. Her adoptive father Thanos is back in town and it’ll be fascinating to see how they interact after the events of the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies. We’ll find out soon enough, for on April 27th, Avengers: Infinity War explodes into cinemas.

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