Karen Gillan Starring In Disney Plus Animated Musical Series


Karen Gillan might be best known for her work in popular film and television franchises after following her breakout role as Doctor Who‘s Amy Pond by landing a plum recurring gig as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Nebula, while the Jumanji blockbusters and Netflix’s Gunpowder Milkshake have highlighted her ass-kicking credentials.

However, the star will be mixing it up significantly after signing on to voice the lead character in Disney Plus musical animated series Rhona Who Lives by the River, which hails from Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek and has no less a name that Danny Elfman on board to create and oversee the score, as well as acting as an executive producer.

As per Deadline, Gillan will play Rhona #3, the third most interesting person going by that name in a small Scottish town. Living a dull existence, her life is changed forever when a clootie well (that’s a place of pilgrimage for you non-Scots out there) accident gives her bacterial pinkeye and the ability to make her dreams come true, which sounds incredibly strange.

Gillan is always a reliable presence, and she’ll get the rare opportunity to use her own accent, which may have encouraged her decision to join Rhona Who Lives by the River. A magical, whimsical fantasy musical animation with a premise revolving around pinkeye sounds nothing if not interesting, so we’ll be very curious to see how the irreverent-sounding series starts to shape up.