Kat Dennings Reportedly Returning As Darcy For Thor: Love And Thunder

thor love thunder portman

Marvel’s announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder at SDCC surprised us all as it was revealed Natalie Portman was returning to the franchise as Jane Foster. The Oscar-winning actress hasn’t been seen in the MCU since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World – her Avengers: Endgame cameo utilized old footage – and given that Ragnarok moved away from the first two Thor films, we assumed the fourth one would continue to do its own thing.

However, it’s looking like Portman will be joined by another star of the early movies in Love and Thunder, as We Got This Covered has heard that Kat Dennings will reprise her role as Darcy Lewis in the film. Our sources – the same ones who told us Taskmaster will be the villain in Black Widow – say that she’ll definitely be back, though the specifics on her part in Taika Waititi’s pic are currently unknown.

Darcy’s return would make a lot of sense, though. As Jane’s intern, she often served as a comic foil to the astrophysicist and now that Jane is set to become the Goddess of Thunder herself, being the one to wield “Meow-Meow,” even more could be done with the comic potential of the character. Not to mention that given Waititi’s style, we can see him making the most of that. Dennings has also gone on record saying that she’d be up for returning in Thor 4.

The biggest reason that this isn’t too much of a surprise though is because the actress is already locked in to board the MCU train once again in the WandaVision TV show. It seemed kind of odd that Darcy was returning for the series starring Scarlet Witch and Vision, who she’s never shared any screentime with before, but it could work as a set-up for her role in LaT. Just as WV will tee up Wanda’s part in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

In any case, Thor: Love and Thunder is set to go before cameras next year, so it might not be long before more casting details come our way. As always, watch this space for further updates.