Kate Mara Is In Over Her Head In Latest Morgan Clip


If Alex Garland’s excellent directorial debut Ex Machina dabbled with themes of existentialism and artificial intelligence run amok, Morgan hits much closer to home.

Yes, Luke Scott’s imminent sci-fi thriller happens to feature a bunch of humans playing God, conducting their own scientific experiment far from the unsuspecting public, but the fact that Morgan – played here by The Witch breakout Anya Taylor-Joy – is a bioengineered superhuman raises all manner of pressing and often disturbing questions.

That’s an unnerving situation that dawns on Kate Mara (House of Cards, Fantastic Four) in today’s all-new clip, who is shipped off to a remote, top-secret location to investigate the most unusual accident. Upon arriving, Toby Jones’ lab coat is on hand to present the creepy backstory behind Taylor-Joy’s experiment, who lashes out at a scientist during a routine test. “Despite these obvious setbacks, this project is headed in the right direction,” Jones’ character beams. Yeah, we’re not so sure.

Also starring Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook and Paul Giamatti – who flew off the handle in the last Morgan clip – there’s a real sense of heritage coursing through the veins of Luke Scott’s feature. Of course, much of that comes down to the fact that the up-and-comer served as second unit on the set of his father’s Alien: Covenant, and it’ll be fascinating to see how Ridley Scott’s influence permeates next month’s release.

Get ready for a dose of old-school sci-fi goodness on September 2.


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