Keanu Reeves Admits That He Always Wanted To Play Wolverine

Keanu Reeves

There isn’t a Marvel or DC project that goes by these days without rumors of Keanu Reeves’ involvement, with the beloved actor regularly in the sights of both major comic book franchises. Kevin Feige already admitted that they talk to the 55 year-old about nearly every movie that they make, with the latest speculation linking him to the lead role in a proposed Ghost Rider reboot.

Meanwhile, Reeves’ DC effort Constantine recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, which also just happened to coincide with talks that a follow-up is reportedly in the works, one that would see the John Wick star reprise his role as the chain-smoking occultist. The movie flew well under the radar when it first landed back in 2005, but given how Reeves is now arguably the most wholesome and universally popular star on the planet, a sequel would be an almost guaranteed success.

However, the actor has another long-awaited sequel on the horizon, and during a recent interview to promote Bill & Ted Face the Music, Reeves was asked if there were any roles he wishes he could have played during his 35 years in the business that he missed out on, and his answer of Wolverine will no doubt start the rumor mill turning once again.

“For me, I always wanted to play Wolverine. It is too late. It was filled really well. I’m all good with it now. Oh yeah, Frank Miller’s Wolverine, for sure.”

Reeves was one of the dozens upon dozens of actors linked to the part of the adamantium-boned mutant when Bryan Singer’s first X-Men installment was casting Wolverine over 20 years ago, and he’s never been shy when it comes to admitting his love for the character in the years since. Unfortunately, that ship might have sailed for good, but it seems increasingly likely that he’ll end up joining the MCU in the near future as another major superhero.